Hannah S. Hess

Honest Deceptions

Margot Brenner seems to have everything a 25 year old could want: a medical degree, a pediatric internship at a prestigious New York hospital, an attentive boyfriend. So why does she abandon all that for a position at a second rate hospital in a small German city? Her father and baby brother were victims of the Holocaust after they were trapped by the onset of the war. Her father's old friend, Willie Meinhof, who had sheltered them as long as possible, and suffered for that, may have answers. But she finds surprising resistance from Willie, who says "Let the past stay buried." But Margot persists, until the answers she finds show that things are rarely what they seem, and an agonizing choice in 1939 has terrible consequences in the present.

Selected Works

Fiction/Nazi Germany/Mystery
"Honest Deceptions is a ... compelling story of wartime lies and their brutal resonance through time."
–William Lashner
An honest and readable story of one local fight for better education

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