Hannah S. Hess

The Third Side of the Desk; How Parents Can Change the Schools

"I did not go into the school bent on revolution. In fact, I first approached it with the same deference and respect that most middle class people have for their institutions. If our ultimate activities were revolutionary – and the removal of two unsatisfactory principals, the selection – by parents – of a capable one – and the implementation of open education at the school are revolutionary in the framework of the present educational structure - it was only that circumstances allowed no other sensible response. As a parent I was radicalized by these experiences because I refused to accept the premise that the school cannot be an instrument to change the pattern of failure for so many children.

Selected Works

Fiction/Nazi Germany/Mystery
"Honest Deceptions is a ... compelling story of wartime lies and their brutal resonance through time."
–William Lashner
An honest and readable story of one local fight for better education

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